Remote Civils Australia



Remote Civils Australia has established itself as a leader in the civil construction industry in the North West as well as remote areas throughout Australia.

R.C.A. specialises in Drainage, Earthworks, Asphalt, Kerbing, Road construction, Subdivisions, Mining camps and all aspects of Concreting in the Mining and Civils sector.

Our recently established, Port Hedland division is adequately equipped to handle any scale of project across all areas required.

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional service whilst ensuring the project meets client timelines and within budget. Our priority is to work in partnership with clients to ensure progression in all aspects of the civil construction industry.

Some of Remote Civils Australia services include:

  • Earthworks
  • Road Construction
  • Drainage
  • Concrete Works
  • Kerbing
  • Asphalt
  • Subdivisions
  • Plant Hire
  • Mining Camps

Remote Civils Australia operations in Perth, North West and surrounding Areas in the hub of the mining, gas industry in Western Australia. Our knowledge of the North West region and any remote areas as a whole provides us with a sound understanding of how to safely and effectively complete projects in the harsh and unforgiving environment that we work in.