Remote Civils Australia


O H & S

Remote Civils Australia is dedicated to providing a safe and harmonious working environment not only to our team but sub-contractors, clients and the general public. A strong sense of respect is shown to all individuals involved with the works, as well as ensuring our fleet and tools are kept to a high standard of operation and presentation. Our team believes that;

  • Safety and health are to be forefront at all times
  • Zero tolerance towards drugs and alcohol
  • No task is more important that one’s safety
  • Everyone is responsible for theirs and others’ safety
  • Safety can always be improved

Remote Civils Australia ensures inductions specific to the site and head contractor are held prior to commencing works on-site. When new items are procured the team is inducted on safe working practices associated with the item.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) namely, hi-visibility shirts, long pants, steel capped boots, safety glasses are standard items that are to be worn at all times regardless of the job site. Additional PPE will be provided to our team depending on the task or site requirements. All vehicles are fitted out with necessary safety devices to meet specific site requirements. Any other relevant inductions or tickets are completed depending on individual client requests to ensure compliance. Remote Civils Australia are continually evolving and training new employees as we have a full time Cert 4 Trainer and Assessor on board, which ensures competent staff at all times.


Remote Civils Australia is dedicated to environmental sustainability and ensuring the longevity of the Pilbara region and any other areas throughout Australia in particular, the waste created through the construction phase will be stockpiled and removed from site and at the end of the project.